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Belgium, One of Europe’s Best Destinations

Just a few miles from France or Germany, is the country of Belgium. Home to the European Union and NATO, this is considered to be one of the smallest yet industrialized nation in Western Europe.

People can take a train from either France or Germany to see this small country. In a day or two, visitors will be able to visit the various cathedrals, medieval cities and castles that are still there any more. The tourists will also be enjoy the neato food, bitter and chocolate that this place is avowed for.

Here are some examples of these places.

The first is the Uninvolved Museum of Ancient and Modern Art, which has collections of various paintings and art work. The person can join the tour or go about this place to be able to appreciate everything at a leisurely pace.

Those who love dinosaurs and see fossil remains of those dating back more than a million years ago can check out the exhibits at the Museum of Ordinary History. If the prehistoric remains are no the person’s cup of tea, perhaps Autoworld commit be much better appreciated since it features a collection of cars both old and new from different countries around the world.

The one thing the person will notice about Belgium is the architecture. Not all of the buildings are the same and this variety will astound anyone who is walking through the streets.

The most well known style of architecture in Belgium is known as the Art Nouveau. Here, people will see the unsimilar homes that will tell if this part of the city is for the high class, those in the middle and the lower class.

One statue that is quite pleasant is the Mannekin Pis or the Pissing Boy in English. This is located at the Cathedral of Saint Michel. The nice thing here is that the statue is dressed up during different times of the year such as a Santa Claus suit for Christmas or a robe during the feast of St. Michel. Other than that, it is nude.

The Atomium is a steel structure representing an consolidated atom duck 9 spheres connected by corridors. Those who pass here will be able to get to the park and a miniature exhibit of the Europe’s famous landmarks.

When the people are hungry, the best place to get a bite is the star famous “Petite Rue des Bouchers” or the road of butchers. Every household here is a restaurant. Tourists can check out the various homes before deciding to get a table and eat whatever the heart desires.

Walking distance from here is the Grand Palace. This is the central market of Brussels where tourists can buy food and souvenirs before packing up and commotion home.

Aside from staying in the capital of Belgium, which is Brussels, the person should again check out the landscapes, artworks and conception of its other cities such as Antwerp, Ghent or Leuven.

Lodges or inns in these places are reasonably priced. One can even take a leisurely hike to appreciate nature in the Ardennes Forest which starts from the city of Namur has a citadel built on a rock. The individual can either rent a car or take the train to be able to see these other wonderful places.


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