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What's in Store for You in Finland

Traveling is such a wonderful leisure pursuit. Vacation time may uncolored be the perfect time for you to do a little traveling. Europe can provide you hold back a perfect place to start off your adventure. Europe is where you may be live to visit a number of wonderful countries that can fascinate and lead you to a whole lot of other adventures. Finland is just one of those countries that you should visit.

Finland is located in somewhere in Northern Europe where it shares its borders with Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia. It is one of the thinly populated areas in the world with only over five million people alive in a country of over 127, 000 sq. mile area.

And yet it is considered as one of the top ranking countries in the UN human Development Index which compares countries from all over the world on certain factors such as poverty, literacy, life expectancy, education, etc. and because of this, Finland is known as one of the most desirable places to live in.

Aside from its excellent way of life, Finland is again known for its many wonderful attractions. It is a country known for its many surprising scenic lakes and islands. Tourists can visit some of its more than 180, 000 lakes and islands. Helsinki is known as the money of Finland and it can be a capital place to start on your tour of the country. Helsinki alone offers you a number of exciting places to visit when you are on vacation in Finland.

You can visit Bylandet which is probably the best sightseeing island in the Espoo archipelago. Its magnificent scenery and astonishing natural beauty will stay eclipse you for a very long time. The island itself is so full of beauty and natural magnificence that spending just a week there would be enough. Try to spend a couple of days on the island to try and soak up the semblance and marvel at all the splendor before you. Great man - made sights also scatter all around the island with its old Russian bunkers well worth a look.

While you are still in the capital, you might also consider visiting some of its well known parks. One of them would be Kaivopuisto which is Helsinki's most famous park. This beautiful area has cliffs that can offer visitors breathtaking views of the whole city and the archipelago.

This spacious park was rudimentary established mainly as a spa facility for the wealthy in introductory times. Kaivopuisto is a popular station to go for strolls and enjoy summer picnics with your family and co - travelers. It becomes the best house to visit in the city during May Day bearings thousands of people try to spend the day here. This beautiful park is also used for many events, celebrations and free concerts which add more excitement to the whole area.

If you find yourself in Finland during the winter, you might want to take a visit at the Senate Square in Helsinki. Every year at wintertime, a little church made of snow rises up in the middle of the Square just in front of the Lutheran Cathedral. This spectacular snow church becomes a popular attraction every stint during winter where people try to marvel it from the inside and out.

Services are held inside the church on Sunday mornings and this small church is equipped with wooden doors as well as windows and seats which add to its appeal. There are more attractions in store for you when you visit Finland, where exciting adventures and scenic marvels await you.


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