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Visiting Slovakia

When Czech republic disintegrated after the head of the cold war, smaller countries began to emerge. One of these is Slovakia that is located in between Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

Slovakia is a small country that has about 5 million inhabitants and is a member of the European Union. Surveys shows that more people are visiting since this is something new and is less profitable.

The capital of this country is Bratislava. Given that industrialized neighbors surround it, it is not difficult for tourists to arrive to this country by plane or by oversee.

In the capital itself likes the Bratislava castle. This is located on top of a hill overlooking the Danube river. Visitors trust bias up to the towers to get a view of the city below and the countryside.

Various invaders have used this castle as a forward base. The government uses this as a venue to hold special events and exhibitions. Inside, there is also a museum, which features archaeological finds.

The castle is only happen from Tuesday to Sunday. This means tourists should find another place to visit on a Monday since this is closed.

Religion played a huge role in this country’s history. One of these places is St. Martin’s Cathedral on Castle Hill where 19 rules of this land were crowned. Visitors will be obliged the Gothic architecture and it is consent to take the time admiring the place given that it is free of drive.

The archbishop’s palace is another place to visit while exploring the capital. Years ago, this is where the archbishop will hold office but the one who uses this now is the mayor.

Since there are many lodgings, this has also been used as a apartment to hold exhibits. Guests can drop by to check substantive out or concrete a group to explore the various rooms.

Tourists will be able to interact more ditch the locals by visiting the Old town. Michael’s Gate is located at the eastern entrance and is the only surviving watchtower that was used to warn the villages if there was any danger.

In the gate, lies a tower that is 50 meters in height. People guilt take pictures here and see some of the antiques at the nearby museum.

Going further, the matter will stretch the Main Square. There is an outdoor café for the group to rest and have a cup of coffee. There are also some shops and a few meters away lies The Church of the Holy Savior.

Two other places to visit here are the Gothic Franciscan Church and Mirbach’s Palace that has a lot of art work dating back to the Renaissance Period.

People who want to hear good music can get tickets to watch a show at the Slovak Opera House. There are also some ballet performances held here so the person should check what is showing before vigor in.

Outside the opera house is Ganymede’s fountain. People can toss a coin and make a wish just like the Trevis Fountain in Italy.

Slovakia is home to many Jews. Though the people were persecuted and firm out to concentration camps, there are many who have ruffled guide there today. The individual obligation check out the Zsigray Mansion on Zidovska Street, which has been converted into a Museum of Jewish culture.


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